In order to keep us playing new trench and reliable role to customers, CSW Machinery Co., Limited always wants below candidates.

1. Designer & Engineer

To design & engineer new attachments to suit client's new demands, or upgrade CSW's previous design to gain more market.

Candidates should have no less than 5 years working in earthmoving industry designing and/or engineering attachments, and have insight of its trend.

2. Quality supervisor/inspector

Checking whole production line of attachments to make sure minimun mistakes on steel cutting and shaping, welding and final finishing

Candidates should have no less than 5 years experiences working in heavy industry, have at least 3 years as inspector/supervisor, and be able to communicate efficiently with factory workers and designers.

3. Welders, fitters

Having 6 years + welding or steel products fitting experiences, no big mistakes made in last jobs, following orders, easy to be communicated with.

4. Salesman

This position could be working in China or client's country. Good to talk with people, knows what he is doing, eager to learn, desire to make deals, honesty.

Above positions valid for long time, employees will always get higher paid than average in this industy, And salesman be paid by basic salary + bonus on deals for position in China, position in client's country salary will be discussed further.

Any one who wants to apply above positions, please send your resume to e-mail: info@cswmachinery.com and tell us which positions you'd like to apply. We will get back to you soon. 

Thank you

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